A house with rural spirit

A house with rural spirit

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Respecting the traditional characteristics of this rural house was a priority for Joaquin Diaz, who was fully responsible for its rehabilitation. In his spatial vision he conceived spacious and bright rooms, spread over two floors. In the first one there are the common areas, a small toilet and an apartment designed for guests to enjoy some privacy despite staying in the same house as the owners. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor, around a common living room. Wood finishes, such as wooden floors, exposed beams and pillars and shutters, connect the spaces.

The large windows raise the personality of the living room, marked by the sloping roof in natural wood. To dress this space, a large sofa and a chaise longue of generous dimensions in white were used. The absence of large volume furniture is another of the interior design singularities in which the large paintings and the colorful carpets stand out.

The global image of the house is enriched by the discrete diversity of pieces that connect each other with success. It's precisely those most current line add-ons those that break the traditional rustic base style and season it with some freshness and color. Just look at the dining room, with such a particular decoration, to understand the amalgam of trends.

Advertising - Keep reading below In the hall, mix of trends

The hall is a good example of the particular and characteristic style of each room. The mud floor, the beams and the wooden staircase put the rustic note, closely watched by the renowned screenprints of Andy Warhol, a cutting-edge colorist counterpoint. Lamp and carpet, from Berberia. Suitcase, from Vintage 4P. The table and the hangers are from an antique dealer.

Living room

A common space with a sloping roof and open windows on the roof, which was conceived as a seating area, is accessed through the chestnut-wood staircase and wrought iron railing. During the renovation of the house the roof slab was rehabilitated and the entire floor was covered with wood in a natural tone.

A balanced decoration

Every detail of this house lives in perfect harmony with the environment. Nothing clashes; furniture, coverings, textiles and accessories enrich each other in a perfect decorative pairing. Low white vase, from Zara Home. Vases of opaque white and transparent reddish glass, dog's head and crystal ball; Everything by Lou & Hernández.

A lounge with views

The seating area was placed next to a large horizontal window, with the basic white color, although in harmony with intense notes in the complements. Sofa with fabric by Gastón and Daniela, where the plain cushions also come from. Cushions, red and green, and folding bench, from Antennae. Cushion with number 3, Zara Home. Letter M, from Vintage 4P.

A corner to enjoy the landscape

Nothing better than watching time pass from an exterior-oriented chaise longue. He is accompanied by a floor lamp and a Moroccan style side table. Chaise longue upholstered with fabrics of Gastón and Daniela. Table, striped cushion and carpet, from Berberia. Blanket of mohair, from Zara Home. Blue shawl, from Antennae. The trunk is a family memory.

A warm kitchen

The design of this kitchen was born from the perfect communication between Joaquín Díaz and the owner of the house, for which pine grid fronts and a marble countertop were chosen. The bell, also in treated pine wood, and the bar, with the accessories hanging from view, are very evocative traditional elements. Wood valance with hangers in steel, Vinçon. Grifo, from Hansgrohe. Dishcloths and mittens, for sale at Zara Home. Carpet, for sale in Berberia.

The office has a special flavor

The color, the shapes and the material of the chairs add dynamism to a dining room equipped with a table and a cupboard recovered in pickled wood. Chairs, from La Europea. Linen table runner, by Gastón and Daniela. Bottles lined with sackcloth, Vintage 4P. Carpet, from Berberia.

A tall bedroom

In one of the double rooms a pine wood structure was made on which the mattress is placed. The set completes a headboard of equal finish. As a bedside table, a metal auxiliary model. Bedding, nightgown and small cushion, from Zara Home. Red and white bedspread, from Antennae. Striped cushion, from Ikea. Coffee table, by Lou & Hernández. On the shelf: vases, from Zara Home and Ikea. Flexo, from Vinçon.

Display of memories

This personal corner of the bedroom is presided by a photo of one of the trips made by the owners, supported by a dresser. Spotlight, from Vintage 4P. Chest of drawers, from Becara. Red box, for sale at Zara Home.

Pure white bathroom

To give a greater sense of cleanliness in the bathroom, the white color predominates in both the toilets and the furniture. Taps, by Hansgrohe. Sanitary ware and sink, Roca. Striped plaid, from Antennae. Carpet, from Berberia.


The keys to a young country style:
- Recover traditional elements finished in intense color, topped with novel materials or located next to a design complement. In the right proportion, the mix is ​​interesting.
- The kitchen and bathrooms do not yield the comforts of the most innovative appliances or sculptural faucets. They are very current elements so the furniture must respect the classic lines and finishes.
- To enhance the sense of calm to which the environment invites, the interior must be decorated with fluffy seats and puffed cushions. The combination of textures in textiles brings warmth to the room.