An open and adaptable apartment with sea views

An open and adaptable apartment with sea views

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"Our client, a writer who lives alone, wanted a modern, simple house with warm colors and a pleasant space to work facing the sea." This is how the members of the Sube Interiorismo study explain the premises from which they started in this project, in which they had to reform a two-room house located in the Biscayan municipality of Lequeitio.

The floor had to star adapted for his life alone and for the moments when he received people at home. Therefore, the kitchen was conceived open to the living room and with a bar to eat for day to day. They also thought about the dinners that they usually organize with their friends and devised a table that unfolds when the occasion requires it, composing a dining room in seconds. In the spaces, the corners designed to sit and enjoy the views stand out, and in the decoration the blue and white details are protagonists, "because we could not forget the sea breeze that reached us through the windows," they confess.

Photos: Elker Azqueta

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A writer wanted to transform his apartment into a refuge in which the sea that can be seen from the windows would enter to inspire him and work.

On the crest of the wave

Those responsible for carrying out the project were the members of the study Upload Interior Design.

Sea view

Throughout the house we can find corners designed to enjoy the views, such as this custom-made bookcase-bench in front of the living room window.

Sea breeze

The blue and white are the protagonists, "because we could not forget the sea breeze that came through the windows," they confess.

Open minded

In the living room, coffee table in aged oak and metal, by Crisal Decor, chester sofa bed and three places, custom designed by Sube Interiorismo and made by Deco Lur Sofa.

To share is to live

View of the space shared by living room, dining room and kitchen.

The office on the beach

"Our client, a writer who lives alone, wanted a current, simple house with warm colors and a pleasant space to work facing the sea," they explain.

Day to day

As he lives alone, there was no need for a large dining room that took up a lot of room space.

Eat at the bar

For this reason, they designed an island in the kitchen that contains a bar to eat.

Friends dinner

It also has a table that can be deployed to compose a dining room for meetings with friends.

Table for six

The deployed table designed by Sube Interiorismo can accommodate up to six people.


View of the kitchen with the bar on the island.

Take a sit

The stools are the Bob model, in natural wood and with a white lacquered seat, from Ondarreta.

Under the light

White pendant lamps are the model Globe, by Castan Arquitectural Lighting, in Susaeta Iluminación.

To stay blank

The kitchen cabinets are from Santos Estudio Bilbao.

It has wood

View of the wooden bar and, in the background, the sea.

The kitchen Warmth

The wooden bar provides the perfect warm spot without losing the bright and wide white feel.

The hall

First, apply white Dau, from Milan Iluminación, in Susaeta Iluminación. In the background, comfortable Gustavian aged, in Crisal Decoration.


In the master bedroom, also with blue and white as protagonists, sea breezes blow. Bedside tables in antique white pine and natural wood, from Brucs, and Zara Home bedding and cushions.

Sea knots

The string mirror, like the rest of the accessories, is from Zara Home.


For the bedroom window they also designed a bench with storage in which to sit and watch the sea.

Applied boy

The black accordion sconces are from Susaeta Iluminación.

Great capacity

White built-in wardrobes, Interior Design, by Midi System.


Both the mirror and the closet are designed by Sube Interiorismo.

Next stop…

The bathroom has been covered with tiles metro white from Bilbu.

Second bedroom

The built-in wardrobes of this room are also designed by Sube Interiorismo and have been manufactured by the Midi System.

Between cottons

White bedside table, Crisal, and Zara Home bedding and cushions.