You have never seen a minicasa as pretty (and expensive!) As this

You have never seen a minicasa as pretty (and expensive!) As this

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This minicase shows that the saying "good perfume is sold in a small bottle" is true. We like Tiny Heirloom's work for a long time and this studio based in Portland, United States, has once again impressed us with one of its smallest and most stylish houses to date.

This lodging of little more than 18 square meters has a style "vintage glam"within a contemporary and compact design (this is the key word). The main point is a motorized wooden platform that serves as a bed, seating benches, table and stairs, depending on what the owners need at all times. When It is used as a staircase, you can access the lounge area, located at the top of the platform.

But why does this house, clearly below the average size, cost more than € 140,000? In the first place, because it has high-end kitchen facilities, such as white marble countertops, a sink with a lot of depth, a complete refrigerator and an oven. But it is in the bathroom where luxury materializes in the form of a bathtub with legs (many of our larger houses do not have that). And the icing on the cake is the amazing chandelier.

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Via: House Beautiful US


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