This garden has all the ingredients to fall in love with: chill out corner, mini dining room and a boho chic seating area

This garden has all the ingredients to fall in love with: chill out corner, mini dining room and a boho chic seating area

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Miriam Yeleq

The architect Mª José Navarro, very active in IG as @mariajosenavarrosegura, invites us to discover her little garden, divided in various environments and perfect to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city. To get the most out of it, Mª José decided pave with wood synthetic a wide surface and project a wooden pergola - with sliding awning - to provide the necessary shade to this area of ​​being in the hottest hours. It also offers interest deco another flirty corner decorated with vintage furniture and the Balinese umbrella that accompanies them. In the area with grass, designed for sunbathing, two orange sun loungers They waste joy. Lastly, the mantle of freshness created by the climbers that cover all the walls.

Advertising - Keep reading under what peace! MIRIAM YELEQ

Fluffy cushions, hanging armchair, green wall ... the decoration of this outdoor lounge was intended to provide the same comfort as an interior space to enjoy it on warm days. But also, with the presence of the suspended armchair and the swing, and the color homogeneity of the textiles, it is an environment that conveys feelings of well-being and placidity.

A vigorous climber, which covers a good part of the walls, creates a lively background full of color for the porch furniture. In this seating area, the cushions are the link between the dark braided fiber sofa and the macrame clarito swing. Cushions and covers, from Calma Chechu. Cactus and vases, from Ikea.


Because of its stark contrast to the rest of the decoration, this delicate Balinese umbrella is a focal point in this space, to which it brings the right dose of exoticism. Made of bamboo and with cotton canvas, the ornaments and tassels that hang from the edge of each rod, and the carved mast end, stand out. Parasol, by Calma Chechu.

Another corner of the garden in which the chairs introduce sweet brushstrokes of color. Their vintage patina and handmade invoice make them pieces with an unquestionable charm. Chairs, table and umbrella, by Calma Chechu. Basket, from La Casita de Margaux. Jute rug, from Liderlamp.

Table and chairs MIRIAM YELEQ

Detail of a table with glasses with lid and straws, purchased from Amazon, pineapple, from BelandSoph, and patterned bowls, from Maisons du Monde. In the chair, bag of Mums and Roses.

Vibrant orange MIRIAM YELEQ

This grassy area comes alive with the vibrant orange of two sunbeds that are also easy to move. Among them, a wicker side table, practical to support drinks and snacks. Mysingsö sunbeds (€ 29.99 each), towel, bucket, watering can and cups, from Ikea.

Pavement clarity MIRIAM YELEQ

An image that shows the distribution of the two environments on the porch, for which a synthetic, low maintenance flooring was chosen. The clarity of this pavement, in harmony with the wall, provides extra luminosity to the space and makes it appear wider.

Sliding canvas MIRIAM YELEQ

Protected from the sun under the pergola, with sliding tarpaulin and a side roller blind, the lounge invites you to disconnect and enjoy your free time. Pergola, from Greendesign. Mesa, by Mobisa. Pink ceiling lamp, by La Casita de Margaux. TimberTech composite wood floor.