7 fruits you should never store in the fridge

7 fruits you should never store in the fridge

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If you tend to put the entire purchase in the fridge to keep it cooler for longer, you may be doing badly. The refrigeration process can spoil the ripening of certain fruits, make them floury, or simply change their flavor. These are the fruits that you should keep in a fruit bowl at room temperature.

Fruits with bone

Bone fruits (peaches, plums, apricots, cherries ...) can be victims of cold damage if stored in the refrigerator. And you know what that means? That they will lose flavor, they will become floury, and without that sweetness that we love. Wait for them to mature and then refrigerate.


Leave the watermelons on the counter if you want to optimize their flavor, but beyond the taste, there is also a reason to consider for your health, not to store them in the fridge. Research in the US found that keeping watermelons at room temperature helps preserve the antioxidants it has. After opening the watermelon, however, you should store them in the fridge, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.


There is nothing worse than a bitter tomato ... If you want to keep its sweet taste, avoid keeping tomatoes that are not completely ripe in the fridge, it can affect the crucial enzymes to give the fruit its flavor.

There is an exception: If the tomatoes are very ripe when you buy them, refrigerate them to prevent them from becoming deformed.


It's not that you shouldn't refrigerate apples, it's simply not necessary. Apples hang in the fruit bowl for a week or two, and if you want to flaunt your life after that, then you can store them in the fridge. Apples are an ethylene-producing fruit, which means they emit a gas that can make other fruits or vegetables ripen faster, so if you store them in the fridge, separate them from other products.


Refrigeration, as with most fruits, stops the ripening process, so if you want to eat avocados as soon as possible, leave them at room temperature.

Red fruits

Berries better maintain their flavor when they are at room temperature. However, they can produce mold quickly, so if you don't plan on eating them in a day or two, refrigeration is the best bet.


Storing bananas in the fridge will not only cause them cold injuries and stop the ripening process. When you take them out of the fridge they will no longer ripen. A shame.

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