A renovated apartment with extra lighting

A renovated apartment with extra lighting

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East 65 m2 flat, located in a building of 1865 of a central and traditional neighborhood of Madrid, a new stage begins after the reform of the architect and interior designer Eduardo Herrero Borrell, at the head of the architecture, design and rehabilitation studio Herrero Architect & Partners. Its original state was almost ruinous, with a very compartmentalized distribution, several interior rooms, domed ceilings, sloping floors and walls, in addition to a very damaged structure due to the dampness and the action of termites.

During the works the structure, beams and pillars were repaired they were reinforced, wall and ceiling tiles were placed to improve their thermal and acoustic insulation, and the electricity, plumbing and gas installations were completely renovated. Further, its distribution took a total turn; Now it is functional and modern, just as its owners wanted. Today, in the main facade there is a living room and master bedroom, and inland: kitchen, second bedroom and bathroom.

The greatest achievement: the house seems bigger, there are no dark stays and all receive natural light with the solutions ad hoc of the architecture studio. As for the decoration, the mix of old and modern pieces. The inherited ones, such as the living room desk or the Dutch bronze dining room lamp, share prominence with furniture of other styles. The classic sofa chester, in white leather, is the counterpoint to another more current sofa, upholstered in orange, and both harmonize with the table and chairs of different color of the dining room. Next to them, details with a lot of deco interest, such as a sinuous black floor lamp, two matt white vases, striped and geometric carpets ... To stand out as a common thread between the environments: the white walls and the wooden floor of ipe, which is installed on battens.

Advertising - Keep reading below With two environments

The distribution of the living room, with the facing sofas, allows you to gain space behind one of them: an office area, with a desk vintage and work library, which enjoys abundant natural light.

Sofa Rive Droite, from the firm Ligne Roset. White vases: from BoConcept and A Loja do Gato Preto.

In white

Mirror, radiator cover, and white curtains blend with the wall to offer an almost immaculate surface next to the sofa, in a vibrant orange. With this color contrast, the upholstery acquires maximum relief.

Mirror, designed by Philippe Starck for the Kartell firm. Vases, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

A family classic

The desk vintage, from the thirties and in perfect condition, stands out in the living room for its elegance, but also for its original location in the center of the room.

On the desk, a gray vase shaped like a pipe, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

With personality

The couch chester, upholstered in white leather, shares prominence in this area of ​​the room with a large-format painting and visual impact. With them, mix of styles: the modernity of the sinuous black lamp and the retro bill of the stereo.

Sofa Kingfrom Natuzzi Cushions and carpet, from BoConcept. Lamps: standing Jazz, Vibia, and on the ceiling, Glo-Ball, Flos. To the left of the sofa, on the wall, the work of Pilar Capulino.

For convinced music lovers

The corner where listening to music is vitally important. In this furniture vintage, valve amplifier Philharmony, designed by Ricardo Hernández, of Ars Sonum, and CD player 288, from Copland.

Pieces with visual impact

This classroom environment is a lesson in style. Each element has relevance and interest, but the set is balanced by the harmony between the colors black, white and gray.

Functional distribution

Before renovating the house, the space that the kitchen occupies today had no windows. But with the demolition of partitions and the opening of a large vain, now it takes advantage of the brightness of the living room.

The original pillars and beam, which appeared during the work and were reinforced, give the environment a rustic air and visually delimit it.


Table, of Habitat. Chairs and carpet, from BoConcept. Reformation, by architect and interior designer Eduardo Herrero Borrell.

Vintage essence

In the kitchen the charm of other times is recreated with bevelled tiles, granite and aesthetic appliances vintage.

Series Appliances Colonialfrom Smeg. Dishcloths, from A Loja do Gato Preto. Carpet by Ikea

Extra brightness

Translucent frames make the front of the built-in wardrobe a decorative element with greater visual interest. In addition, being located on the wall opposite the bedroom window, it becomes a surface that multiplies natural light.

Should they always be sliding?

This type of opening is usually chosen in bedrooms with reduced space, in which the bed is close to the closet. But, if the doors are narrow leaf, the flip opening is also an option. Cushions and pink blanket, from BoConcept.

Step room

The ipe platform was a key material in the reform to give cohesion to the project. This image shows one of the pillars of the dining room and the passage to the bathroom.

To the right, although it is not seen in this image, is the second bedroom, which has no window, and is now a space open to the hall; This takes advantage of the natural light that enters through the patio windows.

Bathroom with nuances

Those added by the gray tiled wall, a background that softens the dark finish of the washbasin cabinet and brings light to the space. Bathroom accessories, from A Loja do Gato Preto.

With loft

The ceiling height in the second bedroom is higher than the rest of the house; a valuable extra space, which the reform turned into a bookstore with a catwalk.

Cushions and carpet are from A Loja do Gato Preto.

A success

Make a built-in closet under the stairs that leads to the loft.

High ceilings, living space.

The height may not be enough to win a room, but other options such as extra storage area can be studied. In this house, a bookstore with a walkway was made.

Reform well thought out

- The solution for natural light to reach the interior of the house, with an elongated floor and without windows, was the demolition of a partition where the dining room is now located and the opening of a large opening in the kitchen wall.

In this way, the two environments gain extra brightness and visual amplitude. Today this bay with granite countertop is also a handy passport that saves walks between the kitchen and the dining room.

- Another infallible resource to gain luminosity: the mirrors placed on the dining room wall, located at the ideal height to easily propagate natural light.