A boho chic house to live the summer

A boho chic house to live the summer

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As with people, the houses are also faithful witnesses of the passage of time, a decisive factor when carrying out the reform of this sevillian house at the hands of the architecture studio U + G, where the main objective was to adapt it to the next generations that will inhabit it.

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When planning the reform, the garden was the area that acquired more importance, since it makes us feel as if we are in the field when, in reality, it is about a house within the metropolitan area of ​​Seville.

Smart reform Fotowork

The walls were whitewashed with white lime mortar. Thus, solar radiation is reflected Y the walls absorb less heat energy.

Welcome to the future Fotowork

Locksmith and shutters were also restored, painting the latter in blue tones that bring freshness to the environment.

Mix deco Fotowork

Porch decoration includes PVC and textile rugs kilim, in addition to craft objects made in Central America and Turkey.

Fresh break Fotowork Bucolic garden Fotowork Family Memories Fotowork

The pieces of wood, ceramics and wrought iron, many of them brought from family trips, adorn the corners of the house.

Southern style Fotowork The blue of the sky Fotowork Entrance to calm Fotowork

To give a fresh air to house interior without raising reforms or material changes, the walls in a pearl gray color, a large one was integrated white wood library, and they modernized the furniture with elements that mix the new with the recycled.

Culture front Fotowork Chic Essence Glossy White Fotowork Fotowork

Little ones details like the poster above the headboardadd modernity to space.