This kitchen was transformed into an open, comfortable and bright space

This kitchen was transformed into an open, comfortable and bright space

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This kitchen total white It has been reformed to adapt it to the needs of its owners, an already retired marriage. Now they have a more open, comfortable and bright space to share tasks and moments together.


The new kitchen was organized in parallel, with a central island.

LINE-LAH White Cream Silk cabinets, from Santos. Noelia Palafox

The large window, without curtain or blind, offers a permanent view of the garden and enhances the brightness of the room dominated by white walls, ceilings and furniture. The fronts of these, supermates and anti-fingerprint, facilitate cleaning.


A low furniture front houses the sink area, with an integrated dishwasher.

Furniture LINE-LAH White Cream Silk, from Santos. Noelia Palafox

Upstairs were arranged four folding opening cabinets, equipped with a led lighting profile. In front, the island includes the cooking zone, work surface and multiple storage solutions.

A sliding glass door directly connects the kitchen with the living room.

12 mm thick countertop with straight front, by Dalian. Cooking plate model T56FT30X0, from Neff. Noelia Palafox

This solution allows owners to unite the environments, if they wish, or separate them to avoid fumes and odors without losing clarity.


Facing a side of the island, the furniture is completed with a composition of column cabinets, high and low, which bring together the refrigerator, the oven, storage modules and a breakfast area. This also has a lighting profile and worktop to place small appliances.

Neff refrigerator and oven. Noelia Palafox

Detail of the sink with roller drainer and hooks on the wall to hang cloths and aprons.

Sink Andano 700U and faucet Mila S, of Blanco. Noelia Palafox

The kitchens open to the living room are better integrated if they are provided with a glazed enclosure, as in this case, which gives them the independence or intimacy they need at all times.

It is a success the absence of handles on the fronts and the profile of led lighting in its lower part, exclusive to Santos and personalized in the same color.

Nothing like white to catch natural light. We like how a warm and balanced environment has been achieved, thanks to the decorative elements and the wooden flooring on the floor.

Kitchen plan with central island and large storage capacity

Santos Brezo, distributor of the kitchen furniture firm Santos, has divided this 22 m space2 in well-defined areas; Thus, it has large work areas and different storage solutions. And there is still room to move freely and share tasks without bothering.


Water zone A generous countertop that includes a sink, washing machine, dishwasher, two drawers and a sink module equipped with recycling bins has been arranged on one front. On the wall, storage furniture with folding opening, very practical.

Central Island Next to the window and facing the living room, the island that integrates the cooking zone, a large work area and different storage solutions has been installed: two drawers structured on three levels on the inside, and 4 service modules with lateral opening, outside.

Storage and appliances.An entire front of the kitchen was used to place cabinets in column that serve as storage, hide the paneled fridge and leave the oven and a countertop that serves as a breakfast area.

Accessories to decorate the kitchen:

Salad tray

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coffee maker, nespresso coffee maker

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baskets Handmade baskets

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Fill your wall with unique details, such as these beautiful jute baskets from Deco & Living.

fruit bowl Fruit bowl

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Select glass vases and introduce beautiful flowers in them. Vase of Primark.

faucet elegant faucet

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Made with fragranite, a hard and attractive textured material. Franke, removable spout mixer, at

Oilers / vinegars ALIÑA CON GRACE

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STONE mortar

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honeycomb kitchen cloths

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With stripes, dots or flowers, opt for super absorbent textures, such as these tea towels, from La Redoute Interieurs.

table An original touch

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