A very personally decorated house

A very personally decorated house

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Pablo Sarabia

Its abundant luminosity and the possibility of a tailor-made reform were sufficient reasons for this house to dazzle its owners; Upon seeing her they knew that she had many possibilities. They did not care about the painful state in which they were, because the house had been closed for many years, and since its construction had not been renovated. The current owner, Rut Chicote, would be in charge of both the reform and its subsequent decoration; two questions that were not going to be complicated, since he would only have to express his experience as an interior designer.

Optimizing the space, eliminating partitions, gaining light and redistributing the environments were the objectives set out in the work.The room was expanded by incorporating the adjoining room and, thanks to a new window, also enjoys greater brightness. The new kitchen is a space open to the large common area, which receives the light coming from the main facade. To do this, we had to give up a bathroom and part of the hall. In addition, to have more spacious and comfortable rooms, the hallway and hallway were dispensed with. In bedrooms and bathrooms, sliding doors from floor to ceiling were installed to create a greater sense of height. Thus, in addition to getting the light to circulate freely, the surface was maximized and a feeling of undeniable amplitude was achieved. The original floor was replaced by an elm platform, which brings the warm note to the whole house.

Once a better organization of the available meters was achieved, the furniture was necessary to make this floor a comfortable place to live. The interior designer combined design pieces with her own creations to recreate a modern and personal aesthetic, very careful. Rut Chicote not only printed her stamp on much of the furniture - like the living room and dining room tables, which are her designs - but also on recycled and recovered objects herself.

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The living room was designed as a multifunctional space for the whole family. In addition to being and dining room, this large common area includes a work area and a reading corner. The coffee table, made of okume wood, is a design by Rut Chicote Interiorismo. Chair, with upholstery from La Tapicera.
The cushions are from H&M Home and Maisons du Monde.

The white color and wooden furniture in the same finish, connect the different environments
from the lounge


For the kitchen, lacquered furniture with smooth fronts and gola opening system were chosen. The appliances were paneled to integrate them into the design and finishing of the furniture. The countertop and baseboard were made with white Krion, a stone mixed with minerals and resins.

Kitchen detail

The kitchen, custom designed by Rut Chicote's studio, is open to the living room. The cabinets are partially hidden behind a high bar that is used for quick meals and breakfasts and houses the hob.

The cabinets that remain next to the peninsula hide a loading pillar.

Dinning room

The dining room decoration was completed with a lacquered sideboard in bright blue. This, like the table, are Rut Chicote designs. The atmosphere was completed with white Nordic chairs.

Classics of the design were combined with furniture designed by the owner of the house.

Child's bedroom

The children's bedroom is chaired by an original cabin-shaped bed. Thanks to the furniture, accessories and decoration of the walls, a fun and very creative room was achieved. The bed is a Rut Chicote design from an Ikea model.

The central block of cabinets also allows them to be used as a work surface.

Main bedroom

The master bedroom was decorated with furniture that alternate walnut wood and white fronts. The combination of neutral tones with green brush strokes, resulted in a fresh and modern atmosphere.

The color of the wall, a dark gray, helps to enhance the headboard.


The bathroom was decorated with a piece of furniture, which creates a lighter effect than the designs that reach the floor. In addition, white was chosen as the main color and a mirror was placed on the wall of the sink.

Wall hanging

Handmade mobile wall pendant, Galaxy model, € 49, by Lorena Canals.

Key piece

Bicolor rug in black and handwoven virgin wool bone, from the Stockholm collection, € 139, from Ikea.


A central open concept space, in which there are living room, dining room, hall and kitchen, is the axis of the house, and where the family spends most of the time. The house also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.