How you should decorate a white hall to make it a functional and cozy space

How you should decorate a white hall to make it a functional and cozy space

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The hall is the first impression that our guests receive from our home, hence the importance of making the entrance a space as functional as it is beautiful and cozy.


The hall has to be a space that invites you to enter and feel welcome but, above all, it has to be practical and fit your habits. So, if you have the habit of entering the house and leaving the keys, place a console, shelf or
wall shelf. If, in addition, you need a place to store, a cabinet with drawers is the best option. If when you get home you are one of those who are comfortable and barefoot, in your hall you can not miss a shoemaker and a bench as a shoemaker, as in this hall.

Model Barefoot Flynn, from Maisons du Monde.

Good companies: Once you have the main piece, it's time to choose the accessories. Place a stand or wall coat rack to hang the coats; a mirror to gain visual amplitude; a carpet that delimits spaces; a lamp to create warm spaces and a practical umbrella stand for rainy days. It's about decorating, but not overwhelming.

Decorate with plants: They transmit joy, bring freshness and combine with any style. Ideal!


If meters are scarce in your hall, fight it by playing with colors, lights and decoration. Choose models of simple and straight lines that visually expand the space, such as flying shelves, hanging shelves, or narrow consoles. With 20 cm wide you can support keys and letters and remember to respect the 90 cm pitch. Paint the walls in light and neutral tones, unifies well prints and use mirrors that multiply the light.

Shelving of Maisons du Monde.

Shape games Your hall is hall type? Paint it light colors, put a single piece of furniture on the longest part, use pasilleras carpets and paintings along the way. But if it is a corner or corner, hang a shelf, coat rack or bookshelf on the wall and if it is very narrow, suspend a piece of furniture with little depth and in the same color as the wall.

If you use the bike to move around, take advantage of it to decorate and solve a storage problem.


The receivers usually lack natural light, so you should pay special attention to artificial lighting. It's about creating friendly environments that help you modify the perception of space. Place recessed spotlights and wall sconces that go to the ceiling and walls to gain breadth. Accompany the general light with a table lamp pointing towards the ceiling or with screens that soften the light, as in this hall.

La Redoute environment.

Intesity It is better to choose halogens or LED lights and discard low-energy bulbs, because in the hall you need immediate lighting
and not that it takes a while to gain intensity. Install light bulbs with warm light, yellow, since this tone temperature is interpreted by the eye as a moment of relaxation and warmth.

Natural environment: Get it with lampshade lampshades of raffia, parchment or paper.


The entrance sets the decorative tone of the rest of the house. Yes in your home
Rustic style reigns, put a bench in natural wood, a jute rug and a mirror with a wooden frame. If you like classic more, place a piece of furniture
wood, upholstered armchairs and mirrors with carved frames. And if you prefer an eclectic air, choose a metal console, round mirrors and natural accessories. For a Nordic style, opt for white furniture with simple and straight lines.

Shoemaker-bank of Car Möbel.

Order. In small spaces and with a lot of traffic a good organization is important. Find furniture with drawers and opaque materials, to save shoes and papers, and with glass doors and shelves, to show off your most special pieces.

Hollow under the stairs. Play with heights and use the highest area to hang clothes; the low, for bags and shoes. Dual function models are ideal.


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