The before and after of a renovated duplex

The before and after of a renovated duplex

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An attic located in the Sevillian neighborhood of Bami was the place chosen by a couple to start their life together. Although the interior seemed somewhat compartmentalized and the second floor was nothing more than an unused attic, they knew how to see the potential that a reform could exploit and the result that could be achieved by putting it in good hands: those of the members of the U + G study, their allies to polish this diamond in the rough.

The challenges of the project? "In the first place, the modification of the rigid existing configuration, typical of the compartmentalisation of the current houses, by that of a more dynamic house, with greater spatial flexibility," they explain. To achieve this, they changed the distribution of the main floor, going from four bedrooms to two, expanding and opening the living room and kitchen space to which a office. "The second challenge was to incorporate into the house the upper floor of the duplex that was formed by a toilet and an attic space without use, in addition to a large terrace," they point out. On this level there is a bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, separated from a multipurpose space through a sliding door. Joining both floors, a staircase designed as part of the furniture, which has integrated storage space and replaces the previous snail, not suitable for daily use.


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Thanks to the reform of the U + G studio, a couple has converted an old-fashioned attic into a functional, open and versatile duplex.

Open the mind

The ground floor was very compartmentalized and had four bedrooms.

Join and conquer

Interior designers removed two of the bedrooms and added them to the living room and kitchen.

New staircase

"The connection between both floors was made by an awkward spiral staircase, not suitable for daily life. A new access staircase was designed as part of the furniture with a double purpose: aesthetic and functional," explains the study.

Great capacity

The area under the stairs has been used to place storage space.

Mobile borders

Two sliding doors allow you to open or close the kitchen to the living room.

With office

Thanks to the bedroom that was added to the kitchen, an area of office.

Very current

"We understand that our current way of life leads us to focus a large part of daily activities in the field of cooking and we think it is more accurate not to segregate it from the rest of the day stays," they explain from the study.

Raise the level

We access the upper floor paying attention to the blank furniture and the natural wood steps.

Multipurpose space

A space on the upper level has been reserved as a reading, work, leisure area ...


A sliding door allows privacy to the bedroom.

Not seen

The sliding door closed.

Very complete

The bedroom on the top floor has a bathroom en suite And a dressing room.

Bedroom bathroom Cleanliness Before

The floor before the reform.

The lounge before The kitchen before The ladder before First floor plan Top Level Plane


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