An apartment of only 40 m2

An apartment of only 40 m2

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Luis Visconti Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Salon Luis Visconti

In the living area, the bookstore, designed by Blanca San Martín, stands out to take advantage of the wall opening. The black sofa, by Ikea, is accompanied with comfortable cushions, by Canterano. Above him, a painting by Habitat.

2 communicated environments Luis Visconti

The living room, with an Ikea coffee table, and the kitchen, in the background, share a space delimited by a work shelf. In the first shelf, Book bookends; Canterano.

3 Dining room that separates Luis Visconti

Located in an area of ​​passage between the kitchen and the living room, the dining room is equipped with chairs and table, from Ikea. On this, tableware and cotton table runners, Habitat. The red lamp is old.

4 Open kitchen Luis Visconti

The kitchen was furnished with white cabinets and countertop, from Ojeda Furniture. A red glass panel protects the wall. Household, from Habitat.

5 Crystal Divisions Luis Visconti

A matt glass insulates the kitchen in the hall, with a small table, by Habitat, and an original clothes rack.

6 Featured headboard Luis Visconti

To give depth to the sleeping area, the wall was painted garnet. In the bed, pillows and duvet cover of Zara Home and, as a bedside table, a braided basket, of Canterano. The bottom mirror is from Ikea.

7 The dressing room Luis Visconti

In a corner of the bedroom, a dressing room has been mounted, which replaces the traditional closets. It is the Stolmen modular system from Ikea.

8 bathroom Luis Visconti

The bathroom has been tiled with modern 10x10 cm tiles, in black, in Peña Tiles. To contrast, the basin and shower tray, both of Roca, have been chosen in white; the Kartell Componibili container; the basket, from Zara Home, and the carpet, in Canterano.

9 House plan Luis Visconti

After the reform, the space was organized like this: the kitchen is located at the entrance; then, a small living room; then the bathroom and, finally, the bedroom.

HOW MUCH DOES? - Kitchen furniture and marble countertop: € 2,600

- Teka Bell: € 128

- Red glass panel: € 300

- Matt separating glass: € 500 / m2 - Laminated floor with bleached pine effect; Pergo: € 60 / m2

- Bathroom tiles, 10x10 cm, in Peña Tiles: € 40 / m2