A little table DIY box

A little table DIY box

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Recover a disused wooden box or create it with slats. Put legs on, give him a coat of paint and show off your new side table at home This step by step is simple, fast and very, very colorful and resulton.


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This is how your new side table will look (so beautiful) in the hall, next to the sofa or in an empty corner of your house.

Choose the colors that best fit you with the decoration.

The materials you will need


- 2 pieces of wood 40cm x 30cm
- 2 pieces of wood 30cm x 30cm
- Mountain range
- Sander or sandpaper blocks
- Tail
- 20 screws
- 4 small squares
- 4 wooden slats, here 27 x 21 cm and cut to 50 cm
- Brush
- Painting
- Masking tape
- Drill

Step 1. Prepare the wood

You have to sand the wooden surfaces to make them smooth. After sanding, clean with a moist cloth to remove dust. This will ensure that the final finish is perfect.

Step 2. Assemble the box

Assemble the box joining the slats with glue.

Wait for the box to dry

The box that is mounted. Let dry well.

Step 3. The legs

Mark the size of the legs on the slats. You must cut the ends with inclination. Re-sand if necessary so that the ends are clean.

Step 4. Fixing the legs

To fix the legs a hole has been made with the drill so that the attachment to the box is more resistant.

Step 5. Fix the legs with tail

Put a few drops of glue on the legs and fix them with the screw.

Step 6. Paint

Once the tail is dry, it is time to give the final touch. You can leave it to the natural, finished with a colorless wax or give it color. Stone gray and ivory.
Apply the paint with a brush in long strokes. Trick: to get a smooth finish, make a pass with a roller and so the "brushstrokes" will not be noticed.

To wear the new side table