5 Tricks to get more room in the room

5 Tricks to get more room in the room

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Furniture with storage is, without a doubt, the best solution to achieve environments in which the organization and order reign. Great!


Take advantage of the space to the millimeter. The latest collections of modular solutions allow you to make virtually customized compositions.

Adapt it to your style and daily needs. These systems are composed of a wide variety of bodies and sizes, which offers total freedom when designing the structure that best suits, not only to the dimensions of the room, but also to what we want to keep in their shelves , drawers and cabinets. In addition, you can always paint or wallpaper its background so that it fits more into the decoration.


In this case, a low shelf It has been used as a support surface next to the sofa. But the great advantage of this type of designs is that, in addition to offering storage area, they can be used to delimit environments.

Banak shelf. BANAK

Their wheels They allow you to easily take it from one place to another and adapt the distribution of space to the needs of the moment. Also, at not having a back, It is possible to access the contents of your shelves from anywhere.


The sideboards are perfect functional furniture to organize and maintain order
in the living room, dining room or kitchen.

Chest of drawers of Maisons du Monde. Maisons du Monde

Place it where it suits you best! Of course, choose one with storage areas that suit your needs, as you will find them with shelves, doors and drawers of different sizes.


Dual-use furniture will solve more than one storage problem. The poufs that hide a container under the lid or a Bank With capacity, like this one, they will help you to keep the room where you place them clear.

Home Bank House

They are designs that will come in handy in the seating area and in the bedroom to store from plaids and some extra cushion to toys or shoes. For him dinning room, commission a work model and complete it with a mat that softens the seat and some cushions
as a backup


If you need one side table, Look for a model with drawers to store those little things that you like to have on hand and that is usually the most easily messed up.

You will find designs like this one, from Casa, with the removable envelope, It can also be used to serve a cup of coffee.

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