A cottage with outdoor jacuzzi in Sussex

A cottage with outdoor jacuzzi in Sussex

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Rustic Escapes

Can you imagine having breakfast outdoors while contemplating the English fields? Well, stop imagining it and live it in person, because Spring cottage It is the ideal accommodation for lovers of rustic getaways. Located in Sussex County, The two-storey house has a large kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms with bathroom included, terrace and garden. Are you with us for a bucolic walk through the farm?

Advertising - Read on below Deer, pheasants, swans and geese walk freely in front of the terrace Rustic Escapes In the living room, the fireplace and the velvet sofa are presented as the best remedy for the autumn cold Rustic Escapes An authentic Georgian mahogany table and an antique floor clock preside over the dining room Rustic Escapes The decoration of the bedrooms reflects the rustic English spirit of the surroundings Rustic Escapes The two main bedrooms have old-style bathtubs Rustic Escapes The spaces are spacious and bright Rustic Escapes The walls are covered with floral wallpapers that add a lot of charm Rustic Escapes The accommodation is ideal for family getaways Rustic Escapes This bedroom has a sleigh-style bed to match the dresser Rustic Escapes Waking up overlooking the countryside is a real treat Rustic Escapes The bathroom, in white and blue tones with golden sconces, is a sweet and cozy corner Rustic Escapes Powered by the use of wallpaper that decorates the walls of the rest of the house Rustic Escapes Guests will find at their disposal an assortment of umbrellas, jackets, scarves and water boots Rustic Escapes The third bedroom bed is sofa type, spacious and comfortable Rustic Escapes The kitchen includes a vintage refrigerator of the SMEG brand Rustic Escapes Walking through the garden means witnessing the beauty of its multiple flowers Rustic Escapes Although one of the favorite activities is to take a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi Rustic Escapes The accommodation has a concierge service, responsible for advising and booking all kinds of activities Rustic Escapes The town also has a grocery store perfect for tasting local products Rustic Escapes