A house with a natural and sustainable decoration

A house with a natural and sustainable decoration

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What convinced the designer Miguel Ángel Durán when buying this house of 260 square meters, which was used as an engineering studio, located in the Madrid town of Torrelodones was its surroundings. "The nature reserve of El Pardo borders this property and the beauty of its flora and fauna made me fall in love," he confesses. With neighbors like that, it is not surprising that the decoration has tried to be as respectful as possible with the environment. Many of the pieces were created by the owner in his workshop using demolition materials and the other furniture is vintage to which he has given them a second chance or a new wedge, but with artisanal production processes and with little environmental impact. In addition, the timeless style chosen guarantees many years of validity.

The range of colors has wanted to integrate the landscape inside, with more cheerful stone, brown and brush strokes, and the materials used are natural, with wood, linen and stone as protagonists. "Thanks to the panoramic doors, which can be opened in their entirety, the garden integrates perfectly with the living room," Miguel Ángel proudly explains. The result fits what he wanted and needed: "a space in which to receive visits from friends, clients and family, where to host from an informal dinner to a work meeting, with the common denominator of finding a fresh environment that invite to relax and disconnect in nature. "

Advertising - Keep reading under Natural beauty

In the living room, Becara armchairs and coffee table in marble designed by Miguel Ángel Durán.

Sample book

Ceramic swallows and framed sheets on a sofa by Borgia Conti.

Interior landscape

In decoration, both tones and natural materials predominate.

Not lose the papers

In the dining room, lamp and table of Miguel Ángel Durán, surrounded by chairs of El Corte Inglés.

Heat of home

Flanked by two shelves, Hanbel's fireplace.

Between algonodes

In the bedroom, Becara headboard and Zara Home bedding.


The tables with integrated light are by Miguel Ángel Durán, the owner and designer.

Minimalist kitchen

In the kitchen, Alno furniture with Fornasetti dishes.

Mandatory reading

The bathroom paper is the sheets of a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte acquired at an antique dealer in Paris.

Outside life

The patio of the house.


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