Take advantage of the work niches

Take advantage of the work niches

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The work niches are a perfect solution to take advantage of the most complicated spaces to decorate. A small bedroom, the corridor, a staircase ... are transformed into elements with decorative interest thanks to the niches.

Advertising - Keep reading below In this bedroom there was no free space to place bedside tables.

The problem was solved with a niche of work that also serves as headboard. The shelf has the perfect bottom to place some books or the alarm clock. In addition, halogens were installed on the sides that facilitate reading. The bottom of the niche was decorated with two landscape photographs, of Ikea. It is an idea of ​​the project Proyecta Arquitectura Interior.

A passageway as complicated as the hallway gains visual interest if a niche is made on the wall.

Since the corridor is usually narrow, the niche does not have to be deep. It is enough that it has about 10 cm deep to decorate it with a small vase or with photographs to achieve an attractive composition.

The light adds to the niche a suggestive theatrical effect.

Thanks to it, any object that is placed inside the vain will attract our attention. Therefore, it is important to select the piece that we are going to place inside the niche: a painting, a vase with a sculptural shape ... Here, the side lights were covered with painted methacrylate plates; It is an idea of ​​Pablo Falcón.

A niche with shelves is an excellent way to have the utensils on hand and, incidentally, to display the most colorful pieces.

If you want to give more prominence to the niche, paint the background in a different color. Keep in mind that warm tones seem to bring the wall closer, while the cold ones visually move it away.

It is difficult to decorate a staircase without obstructing the passage.

If the wall is thick enough, a niche is a decorative resource that does not hinder circulation. Here it was made in the form of a semicircular arch, and the base was coated with clay pieces on which plants were placed. Rounded niches fit into rustic and classic-style environments, while modern decorations use more niches with straight profiles.

How to decorate a smooth wall, to which for reasons of space or circulation can not be attached any furniture?

The shelves of this niche transform the smooth wall into an architectural element with decorative value. The succession of shelves, rectangular and shaped like a semicircular arch, add dynamism to the corner. This type of niche is also very practical to exhibit in it our most appreciated collections: teapots, travel memories ...