A kitchen with bar and dining room

A kitchen with bar and dining room

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The owners of this house, a family of four, wanted to transform the kitchen in a spacious and bright, practical room and versatile to enjoy all together. Santos Sabadell was responsible for shaping the project with the Karmel and Intra furniture models of the firm. Smooth fronts and without handles that adapt perfectly to any style.

The fronts in sand gray finish define the color palette with warm and elegant nuances. The natural wood finish of the breakfast bar and the dining table put the finishing touch to the comfort that is breathed in this space. The tall furniture and the worktop have been projected in white to enhance the luminosity.

The company in charge of the project proposes a distribution of furniture in L with a central island, open to the dining room and with direct access to the terrace. The furniture is organized in a linear front with column furniture, low and high and another with columns with appliances. In the center the island with the hob and the bar. Around the island, enough space to move easily.

Project and decoration, made by Santos Sabadell, distributor of the Santos brand.
Photos, by Xavier Moreno.

Advertising - Read on below Distribution in L with central island

The furniture is distributed along two walls in L. On one front the scrubbing area and on another column with appliances.

The island, the center of the kitchen

In the center of the kitchen is a large island with induction hob, breakfast bar and spacious

Built-in hood

The recessed ceiling hood is a solution that avoids visual obstacles. The feeling is of lightness and diaphanous atmosphere.

It is a Novy model. Novy induction plate is installed on the island.

Fronts finished in gray sand

In the area of ​​the columns the fronts look a gray tone sand shine. They are combined with others in white, also present in walls, ceiling and countertops.

The lighting

Detail of the ceiling recessed lighting, such as the bell. In the background the tall furniture above the sink. They are showcase modules with tilting opening, so that the doors are always open in the desired position. At the bottom, a fluorescent lighting system.

Breakfast bar

Breakfasts or fast meals in this bar flown from the side of the island on a countertop in natural wood with design stools in orange, the warmest and current touch.

Open to the dining room

The island is the nerve center of this kitchen, designed by Santos Sabadell with Santos furniture. Around the rest of the elements are articulated. It incorporates a cooking zone and food preparation surface. In the face
Interior, warehouse space. Outside, the breakfast bar.

This image shows the distance between the kitchen and the dining room.

Island shelving detail

Detail of an open shelving integrated into the island, next to the breakfast bar. It is made of natural wood, such as the bar and the other column shelf in the high furniture area.

Column with appliances

Multifunction oven with 13 functions, Neff, such as microwave, installed in column. Next to it is an integrated wine cellar with 2 zones, from Liebherr, such as the freezer fridge.

The ventilated plinth of the columns in which the appliances are installed favors air circulation and thus ensures the correct functioning of the appliances.

The sink area

The furniture holder incorporates waste bins and removable drawers to organize cleaning accessories. The parts susceptible to coming into contact with water are laminated marine board to ensure resistance to wear, moisture and detergents.

In the front several plugs for small appliances.

Grigería Ono in steel, by KWC. 70 cm sink with drainer accessory, White. The dishwasher, from Neff, is integrable.

By hand on open shelves

In the background, next to the scrubbing area, detail of the column with open shelving, also made of natural wood. It is perfect to have the most frequently used items at hand. The combination of finishes is perfect.

The dinner room

Next to the kitchen area, a dining room that enjoys all the brightness of the room and the convenience of being located near the food preparation and cooking area. The wooden table combines with the wooden details of the kitchen. Around, chairs combined in white and orange, in the same line as the stools.