Volunteers are looking to reform the cottage of "La casa de la Pradera"!

Volunteers are looking to reform the cottage of "La casa de la Pradera"!

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The cabin of the famous television series The prairie house is in a state of deterioration. Built near Independence, Kansas, in 1977, It served as a location during the filming of the series based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's books about her childhood. And Laura lived there with her family during the year 1869, according to The Wichita Eagle.

Brothers Bill Kurtis and Jean Schodorf, owners of the cabin, said that the four decades that the construction has been standing have spoiled it, so they want to rebuild it and add a barn.

"We are going to use all the materials we can save from the cabin," Schodorf said. "We can use them for the windows, the floor and maybe the fireplace."

Schodorf's mother, Wilma Kurtis, inherited the land of his grandparents. She and her husband, General William Kurtis, lived on the property and discovered in 1968 that it was the place of Ingalls novels.

"All regulations are underway. We have been approved for zoning and an environmental study," Schodorf said. "We have gone one step further and paid for an architectural studio, signage and two sculptures."

Schodorf says that more than 20,000 people visit the place every year, but with the current state of the cabin, a visit to the interior has been prohibited for security reasons.

"People come here just because their son has read the novel," Schodorf said. "We want them to experience the prairie."

They have already obtained about 26,000 euros (approx.) For reconstruction, but they need almost 17,000 more to help pay expert craftsmen.

"We hope to get craftsmen who know how to build cabins," Schodorf said. "We also need volunteers who know the history of Kansas and have the capacity to lift strong logs ... Help us build the walls of the cabin."

Construction is planned between October and November.

Photo: Courtesy of Associated Press

Via: House Beautiful US